Cancelation policy

Please note below for your reference our cancelation policy:
We charge accordingly with the time between cleanings if you have every 2 weeks cleaning and have to cancel. We will be there after 4 weeks, the amount charged will be the following:
Prices for your house:
Weekly: $160
Every 2 weeks: $180
Every 4 weeks: $220
The different amount will be charged because we will be going there with a bigger gap, this way the house will have accumulated more and the job will be harder as well.
In case the house is canceled before 24h, that will be the only amount to be paid.
If the house is canceled before we are dislocated to go to the house there will be an extra fee of $30.
If the house is canceled once we are on our way or arrive at the house we will charge the full amount.
Ps: in case of death or some beyond reason, everything is discussable and we can change these terms.
Ps2: in case you need extra cleaning and the gap is less we will also charge less.




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